Pseudorandom Number Generators

Firstly, there is no such thing as a true random action taken by a computer. Unless your computer is actually measuring the spins of electrons (I assume you are not browsing medium on a quantum computer), then there is a discrete and repeatable list of steps to produce every action it performs. So how can…

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Why IPFS is so special?

Peer-to-Peer file sharing has been around for years, why is IPFS so special in this space? IPFS has some useful features that make it stand out in the crypto space, leaving it today to be the most popular and common choice for the decentralized internet.

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What are transaction costs?

Gwei here is a unit of Ether to measure the cost of what is called “gas”. Tokens thought of as “gas” tokens are those that are spent to take action on the network. They are the gas that makes the network function. Lets say you are executing a smart contract…

Eric Robertson

Intern at AWS, passion for everything computer science and finance. Particularly interested in Natural Language Processing and Crypto.

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